Monday, September 27, 2010

Time to get rolling...

I've recently decided to get back into doing some artwork, and to go totally digital with it.

I'm an engineer normally - but I used to draw all the time, and for a long while when I was younger I wanted nothing more than to be a comic-book artist. Turns out engineering pays better and I still get to do a bit of art anyway, but I'm kind of feeling the need for a more tactile creative outlet these days.

I've been lurking at ConceptArt and trying to do some of the weekly challenges, and am endeavoring to keep a sketchbook going so that I can push myself to learn and improve.

Picked up a WACOM Intuos4 at Fry's and quickly fell in love with it. I'm managing to do about one piece a night ( various degrees of finishing )

We also recently started an in-office Sketchclub with one subject weekly that I think should be a good bit of fun.

Here's this week's subject - the Battle Nun!

This is a WIP only - there are lots of details and changes that I need to do to finish it up for this Thursday. Might as well start my first post with sacrilege though, eh?


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