Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another little project - I decided to do some of John Schindinette's artorders -

I'm doing #2 of the class illustration set that he posted.

The order is as follows -
#1 MALE HALF-ELF SORCERER, in an active pose, facing the viewer. This CLASS ILLUSTRATION should use a format similar to those in the 4e PH.

Male half-elf sorcerer
Features: tanned skin, dark green-black hair.
Armor: Cloth armor, no shield.
Weapon: Holds an ornate brass orb.
Action: Active pose, facing viewer. The sorcerer should look like he’s in the center of a storm of swirling fire, elemental power that originates from him but is almost beyond his control. But very powerful and self-assured.

I kind of dig the way this one turned out. I got pretty discouraged halfway through but it came together reasonably OK.

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