Sunday, April 17, 2011

Siege Towers

I squeezed Siege Towers in today - they rattle in from the edges with different sorts of cannons mounted on top. They also serve as defensive shields for any critters behind them - you'll have to fire over them to reach any hidden monsters, or blow them to bits.  They are multi-part, so you can blow off the wheels or sections of the tower, or just the cannons on top. Hit 'em hard enough if they are on a slope, and you can tip them over, too! A powderkeg works nicely to blow out the wheels.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Monster Tower!

Switching gears a bit, for the last two or three weeks or so, I've been working on a little iPhone/iPad game in my spare time.

Monster Tower! ( at least for now )

For lack of a better description, it's like a bizarre mix of Plants Vs Zombies and Angry Birds - you have until nightfall to build a structure around your chickens and defend them from hungry monsters. You can build bricks, weaponry, and white chickens which produce golden eggs to fund your efforts.  It's all touch driven, so you drag bits of the world around, you can catch enemy spears and bombs in midair and fling them back at them, or hurl boulders, masonry - or even chickens! - to wipe them out. Completing levels earns you new types of tools to use, and new monsters with new abilities appear to challenge your defensive chops.

It's like an ultra-simple/ultra-strange/physics-based RTS that takes about 5 minutes a round.

It's really goofy, but weirdly enjoyable!

Here's a few screenshots and a video. Hoping to finish and release at some point on the App Store. Tell me what you think!

All artwork is VERY VERY EARLY! Expect pretty much everything to change - this is my first-pass 'programmer art' ;)